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BOC-3 Processing Agent Information

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) delegates operating authority to all transportation companies, such as freight forwarders, brokers, and motor carriers. In order for a company to receive this authority and remain within the bounds of the law, it must file a form known as a BOC-3 form, which requires working with a processing agent. However, this process can seem complicated and time-consuming.

What is a BOC-3 Agent? How do processing agents handle the BOC-3 filing process? This article answers these questions and more, providing important information for transportation companies eager to begin or resume operations.

What Is a BOC-3 Filing?

There are countless forms that you have to fill out in order to legally run a transportation company, both on a state and federal level. One of these crucial legal documents that the federal government requires is a BOC 3 filing. This form serves a specific purpose: to assign a process agent that deals with the legal matters associated with transportation services.

More specifically, the process agent represents a company and serves as the intermediary that goes between them and state authorities. They handle legal forms and paperwork in the event that the state needs such items from a company, such as in the aftermath of an accident. Expert agents, like the professionals at FMCA Filings, make this process smooth and straightforward by doing a company's work for them, like filing the BOC-3 form.

How to File a BOC-3

BOC-3 registration must take place within 90 days of a company's USDOT Number being issued and published within the FMCSA Register. Although freight forwarders and brokers may file a BOC-3 form by themselves, it's best that you work with a processing agent, no matter which type of company you operate. The FMCSA mandates that agents include all relevant information in a single form.

The filing process begins with a company's search for an agent. This search depends on how many states a company intends to operate in, as well as their type of operations. Motor carriers, for instance, need a process agent for all states within which they conduct transportation operations, no matter how brief or infrequent.

A BOC-3 Filing is recommended with all states, to avoid refiling in additional states when new contracts are made. To make matters simple, you can opt to work with agencies that provide a blanket of coverage, meaning that they provide the required registration all across the country. This process avoids the time-consuming process of finding multiple agents for different states.

Once you select an agent company, the company will charge a fee for submission.

Can I File a BOC 3 Online?

It is possible to complete a BOC-3 filing online. This seamless, straightforward process makes obtaining the certifications needed to conduct transportation operations simple. A professional process agency like Federal Motor Carrier Authority Filings will collect all relevant information from you and then fill out an online form.

The process often takes less than an hour to handle. Customers receive their documentation from the FMCSA within a few business hours.

What Information Is Needed to File a BOC-3?

It doesn't matter if you intend to file your form on your own or if you want to work with an agency. All BOC-3 forms require the following information:

A proper filing requires process agent information for each state.

While this process might sound simple, it is ideal to work with a professional agency. Federal Motor Carrier Authority Filings routinely helps motor carriers make their filing process much easier and stress-free. Filing professionals can make your company's operations much more straightforward.

An agency can provide a blanket of coverage, saving clients' time and fees on finding individual agents for specific states. Countless other services, such as legal counsel, paperwork assistance, and direct communication with the FMCSA, help companies manage their operations with better effectiveness and skill. Best of all, agency fees are fair and honest.

Make the BOC 3 Filing Process Easy with Federal Motor Carrier Authority Filings

Federal Motor Carrier Authority Filings want transportation companies to enjoy seamless operations. We're trained professionals with years of experience providing assistance to transportation companies of all sizes and types. We can help motor carriers, freight forwarders, and brokers with our expertise.

We understand that organizing logistical operations is complicated. At Federal Motor Carrier Authority Filings, we take some of that burden off motor carriers, giving them the ability to focus on more pressing matters. Our agents can provide a blanket of coverage that will make operations simpler and easier.

BOC-3 / Processing Agent

There's no doubt about it. Federal Motor Carrier Authority Filings’ online system makes it easy to file your BOC-3 online or speak to one of our Agents for LiveChat support!

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