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What are the Fines for DOT Violations

Feb 28, 2023
DOT Violations
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Wondering what happens if you fail to renew your USDOT license or face violations from other federal motor carrier safety violations? 

Most of the time, violations of any mandates from the FMCSA, or Federal Motor Safety Carrier Transportation Administration, include some form of fines. However, as of 2023, many of these minimum penalty fines are higher than they used to be. 

This may lead you to wonder, "What are the fines for DOT violations?" Continue reading for more information on the final rulings and specific fine amounts you may encounter for violations.

Who Regulates DOT Fines?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is the authority that regulates the rules for fines. Recently, there was an increase in these fines after an act called the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act.

With this specific act, the minimum and maximum penalties for each Department of Transportation violation fluctuate. These increases leave many trucking companies and drivers with specific licenses wondering about the exact fines. 

What Sort of DOT Violations Are There? 

There are numerous different types of violations you can encounter as a motor carrier driver. Some include operating out of service, post-suspension, or with false records, and driving under the influence. 

Fine Amounts for Different FMCSA Violations

Below is a brief list of different violations you may encounter as a truck driver and specific fine amounts

Out-of-Service Violations

Operating out of service means you continue operating when your permits expire. Since the USDOT number is a form of identification legally required by the DOT, you can’t operate any vehicle or truck without a valid MC (Motor Carrier) license. Doing so can result in some hefty fines of up to $32,208.

Operating During Mandatory Suspension

If you operate your truck when your current license is facing suspension, then you may face fines upwards of $28,000.

Falsifying Any Records

Knowingly presenting false records, like special permits or licenses, may lead to fines upwards of $14,960. 

Violations with Hazardous Materials

Operating a truck or vehicle without regard for safety regulations and restrictions can create heavy fines. For example, transporting any hazmat-level materials with violations has incredibly high fees due to the danger associated with it, and these fines can be up to $96,000.

Drug and Alcohol-Related Violations

Alcohol and drug-related violations tend to rise if they’re your second offense. However, even first-time alcohol-related violations may result in penalties of $3,740 and suspension of your current commercial driver's license. 

If you receive a DOT out of service order, you cannot operate your vehicle until all problems are resolved. 

Avoid Fines By Staying Up to Date on Your Permits Today

Instead of wondering what are the fines for DOT violations, trust a filing company to keep you up to date on current licenses and permits.

FMCA Filings is a nationwide online company specializing in helping trucking businesses and drivers comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This way, you can stay informed and avoid any penalties that lead to expensive fines.

Visit FMCA Filings today to complete compliance checks and stay up-to-date with licensure to avoid expensive fines!

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